Presenting the world’s monopoly Eco safe performance Coating


The world’s first truly ECO safe performance coatings - Developed more than 38 years ago, when lead was still being used by other paint manufacturers and still unmatched in the market. Revolutionary research resulted in the development of coating products providing lasting protection of literally any surface, especially at a time of unprecedented global environmental concern.
Ultralast’s most revolutionary research in waterbased coatings that resulted in inventing Monolithic Silica Membrane Technology which outperforms any other surface coatings in any industry. This significant positive environmental impact have positioned the company at the forefront of the Eco Friendly Performance Protective Coating industry.
Ultralast Eco coating products provide holistic eco friendly water based system alternative with unchallenged credentials in performance and cost effectiveness across our swhole range, to conventional paints and painting products. Our key features are shared by all our products offering comprehensive longest lasting solutions and benefits to our local and international clients for over 25years.


Thanks to Mr Mark Joseph for his invention of miracle Membrane Technology to the world of performance cum protective coatings. His intentions are always revolves around ECOLOGY and ENVIRONMENT. He wanted to produce the product range that is totally Enviornment Friendly and Safe. Ultralast is committed to the continual development of its product range and sourcing new partners around the world to distribute its performance coatings.

What makes ULTRALAST different


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