Ultra Superseal

Ultra Seal is a water bond, ready to apply, electrometric waterproofing sealant for filling and sealing cracks and joints in both metal and concrete surfaces, stopping water penetration. When cured, it forms a tough, highly durable, flexible seal that has ultimate protection properties and can tolerate thermal, shrinkage movements.

Ultra Seal has seal, adhere properties. It can be applied over concrete, metal, wood etc. the ideal area for application is metal roofs, parapets, dams, gutters, down pipes, concrete roofs, pre cast panel walls, glazing etc.

- Fast drying, excellent water resistance property
- Excellent movement tolerance
- Stain resistance
- Impact resistance
- Cures to form an elastic seal
- High fire resistance
- Excellent in sealing cracks and joints

All joints, cracks, and surfaces must be sound, clean, and dry. Grease, oil, laitance, previous waterproofing, or damp proofing materials and other contamination must be thoroughly removed.
Cleaning may be done by wire brush or sandblasting. SEAL can be applied by brush, conventional caulking equipment. Ensure that the sealant is firmly filled into the joints or cracks to give the full strength. For shrinkage cracks or cracks that occur more than 2mm wide SEAL mixed with washed sand is recommended. ULTRA BOND MUST BE APPLIED BEFORE APPLICATION.

Colours Wet - Creamy, Dry - Clear / Light grey
Ultra Violet resistance Excellent
Chemical resistance Excellent
Water resistance Excellent
Hardening resistance Excellent
Drying time 30 minutes (touch dry)(Full cure) 24 Hours
Spreading rate 12 - 17 m/L (depending on substrate)


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